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Yelp - Ron of Japan - Chicago, IL
Yelp - Ron of Japan - Northbrook, IL

"I like hibachi style cooking but I loooooooove Ron of Japan..."

"Shrimp with egg sauce and fried rice YUMM YUMM love this place!"

"...Future plan: Shogun dinner! I can't imagine how the lobster is with that awesome golden egg sauce. They prepare the lobster inside the shell. Very cool. Made me look across the table with jealousy, thinking 'I want what he's having.'..."

"Ron of Japan is amazingly good.  I'm a big fan of hibachi restaurants, and it's my favorite.  They have a succulent fillet mignon, delicious shrimp with  egg, and tasty lobster.  They also provide a great deal of appetizers with the meal, but be sure to add fried rice..."


Metromix Restaurant Review of Ron of Japan
Metromix - Ron of Japan - Chicago, IL
Metromix - Ron of Japan - Northbrook, IL

"We have lived in Chicago for 10 years and Ron of Japan is our favorite restaurant in town..."

"I think the egg yoke sauce was great! Vegetables and soup were fantastic. I would go back again for the fun and good company."

"It's unbelievably delicious! I would recommend this place to anyone that is into Teppan Food."

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Chicago Menu Pages

"Simply Awesome
I've been coming here for my birthday every year. The chefs are amazing and the food is delicious. This is a great place to go if you enjoy the company of others."

"Love the shrimp!
I have been going to Ron of Japan in Northbrook ever since I could sit upright in a chair. I love their shrimp with egg sauce and I have to go ever so often to satisfy my constant craving!"


Center Stage Review of Ron of Japan
Center Stage Review - Ron of Japan - Chicago, IL

"You gotta love a restaurant that has locations in Chicago, Northbrook and...Osaka. This Japanese classic is just as much of a Chicago classic. Not a lightly colored wood and rice paper establishment, Ron of Japan is dark and opulent, with swooping booths just waiting for large parties..."


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"Ron of Japan is one of my guilty pleasures."


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City Search - Ron of Japan - Chicago, IL

"They have a full stocked bar to keep you occupied during your wait and tall tables with televisions as well because this place is always packed and be sure to keep your eye out, a lot of local professional athletes love to eat here."

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